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How is human nature holding your company back from business-critical technology investments?

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to convince people of the value of preemptive action. Most readily understand that it’s better to get your teeth cleaned regularly than to wait until you need dental surgery. Few will dispute you need to give the car a shine once in a while, or periodically change the oil. And certainly, everyone knows you occasionally have to spend some money to maintain your house, rather than wait until it starts to fall down.

Banks need to simplify and automate workflow to address rising customer expectations and regulatory demands.

Similar to the city of Boston’s confusing labyrinth of roads dug from cow paths over time, businesses have built up manual and silo’ed processes piece by piece to support an ever-evolving landscape. Automating workflow across people and systems is a critical step for banks to deliver a more personalized customer service and meet changing regulatory demands. When you start with fixing just one process it is easier to do than you might think.

Build a Foundation for Growth That Doesn't Rely on Staff Know-How to Manage Critical Business Processes.

How companies frequently over rely on “tribal knowledge” (staff know-how) to manage critical business processes, why this is a problem, and what they can do about it.