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Kaizen: A Principle for Work and Life

The idea of continuous improvement is fundamental to our success at XTRAC today. Making improvements to a system or a process is never just “one and done.” It’s constant, consistent, continuous and incremental.

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If you can be sincere, honest and forthright in your dealings and not skirt the issues or hedge too much, you can build a much stronger base for your communications.

Money might make the world go round, but does it motivate employees? Yes – and no. Yes, because employees need to be paid reasonable salaries to motivate them to come to work each day. And yes again, because research (and our own experience) has shown that, for relatively simple, repetitive, short-term tasks, offering monetary rewards encourages people to work better, faster or smarter and increase productivity.

Terrific things happen when we tap into the passions of others. Dan Brownell, President and CEO of XTRAC Solutions, blogs about simple lessons learned early in life and how they shaped him as a leader.