XTRAC Solutions

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XTRAC Solutions, an independently operated Fidelity Investments company, provides workflow automation and document management. With its solutions used extensively across Fidelity and by many other companies, XTRAC Solutions has over 20 years of industry experience managing complex, mission-critical processes that support thousands of users and millions of work items annually. XTRAC Solutions delivers excellence in business results and customer satisfaction for all its global clients.

In an industry in which many large scale business process management system implementations fail, the XTRAC® Workflow Suite powers effective, efficient business operations across a broad spectrum of clientele. By focusing on complete solutions for specific business problems, XTRAC® avoids the pitfalls that occur when the high-level vision does not align with the practicalities of day-to-day business activities.

XTRAC Solutions combines an enterprise-class workflow and document management system engine with the domain expertise that delivers improved customer satisfaction and efficiencies at lower overall costs. By leveraging a deep understanding of industry processes, we make sure that the operational vision remains grounded in reality.

Our success has been in supporting mission-critical processes through automating and streamlining of manual or “human” based processes along with system-generated tasks. It has proved itself to be a robust solution for improving client onboarding, audit inquiries and many other complex, document-intensive, high-volume and geographically-distributed processes that are at the core of the business. 

With Fidelity's support, XTRAC BPM technology will continue to benefit from constant innovation and continual growth so its users around the world can consistently increase operational efficiency with a leading, world-class workflow process and document management system solution.

Excellence in Process Management®