Workflow Automation

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Workflow Automation

XTRAC® Workflow Automation provides complete tracking, routing and control of work across your entire processing lifecycle; enabling you to get control, be more efficient, reduce costs, better comply with regulations and improve customer service.

Using easy-to-use, graphical workflow tools, XTRAC® enables you to effortlessly automate and standardize key processes, ensuring the right work, gets to the right person at the right time and is handled in the right way.  After completion of a process step, tasks are automatically assigned and routed to the appropriate people in your company or partner systems, while an audit trail is generated documenting each step for compliance with written supervisory procedures.

Transactions are verified, based on business rules you define, that they are in good order before proceeding to the next task; otherwise, alerts are generated and routed to the appropriate people and systems. 


To speed deployment, XTRAC offers plug and play workflows that have been preconfigured and fully optimized based on industry best practices.  They provide an efficient starting point for customization or can be used out of the box for core processes such as:

  • New client onboarding and account set-up
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Compliance testing and audits
  • Operations and money movement
  • Marketing collateral development
  • Human resource management
  • Account maintenance
  • Loan origination
  • And more…

As a result, unlike other solutions that can take months to implement, with XTRAC you can be up and running in days or weeks with minimal effort or disruption.