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Learn more about how XTRAC can get your business working efficiently and seamlessly.

The investment and wealth management industry is under pressure from all sides. Regulators scrutinize compliance more than ever. Clients expect excellent service and flawless transactions. The complexity of the business requires multiple departments to be involved in processing critical work. The XTRAC® Workflow Suite provides a proven solution to track, route and control work across your organization.

You may be grappling with numerous administrative tasks that are holding you back from understanding your true cost to serve and efficiently managing growth. The fact is, many TPAs and Record-Keepers still use outdated methods to process work, which results in unnecessary inefficiencies, costs and risks. XTRAC® can help.

XTRAC® gives banks the solutions necessary to cut costs and grow business. With the XTRAC Workflow Suite, day-to-day processes are automated and visible, reducing errors and allowing employees to work more efficiently. Key operational steps are seamlessly connected, giving associates real-time access to information they need to deliver fast, effective customer service. Time and money are no longer wasted on maintaining outdated or malfunctioning technology.

Significant new regulations require fundamental shifts in enterprise risk management and corporate governance practices. The challenge of maintaining legacy technology systems, along with rising customer service expectations, is driving increased pricing pressure. Your insurance organization can address these challenges head-on with the XTRAC® Workflow Suite. 

XTRAC for Compliance

Compliance is difficult to manage, let alone measure. With XTRAC®, compliance is facilitated through standardized processes, documents that are stored in a highly secure electronic vault, and an audit trail of every step along the way - so compliance leaders gain greater visibility and control over business operations.

Many marketing departments continue to rely on inefficient operational processes, which prevents them from maximizing their overall effectiveness. XTRAC® provides a simple solution for streamlining and standardizing how work is processed across people and systems – so marketing leaders can greatly improve the efficiency of their department and better demonstrate its value.

The XTRAC App for Salesforce seamlessly connects XTRAC with Salesforce, allowing users to easily view, create and manage work and documents from directly inside of Salesforce.