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This short video tour demonstrates how XTRAC can dramatically improve the client onboarding process — one of the many ways XTRAC can help your business be more efficient, transparent and in control.


XTRAC is a complete workflow and document management solution that automates, tracks and controls the way complex work gets done. With XTRAC, business processes are standardized, data and knowledge are accessible, and regulatory compliance is facilitated so that your company can focus resources on more meaningful interactions. 


View, Create and Manage Work and Documents in Salesforce®. The new XTRAC® App seamlessly connects XTRAC® with Salesforce, allowing users to easily view, create and manage work and documents from directly inside of Salesforce. 


XTRACConnect® for Forms directly connects your workflow platform to the forms you use to service your customers, partners and vendors eliminating the need for manual re-entry, preventing errors and creating a seamless end-to-end experience for all involved.