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Using the Work Area

The work area is the default view that displays when you log in to XTRAC Workbench. From the work area you can open existing work items from your current queue, create new work items, perform searches for specific work items or documents, set preferences, reset your working node, and more.

The Work Area Toolbar

Items that are available on the Work Area toolbar depend on your entitlement set and the privileges that have been assigned to your operator ID. When you are working in the Work Area, the following table lists icons and links that may be available from the toolbar.

Icon/Link Name Allows you to
Work List

Access your default work list. From your default work list, you can select a different work list to view if you have the correct privileges.

Work Feed

Toggles the work feed mode.

  • starts the work feed mode.
  • stops the work feed mode.
Create Work Item

Open a list of item types and subtypes available to create a new work item.

Open Viewer

Open the XTRAC Viewer to view document attachments.

Recent Work Items

Click to view a list of the 10 most recently opened work items. Click a work item in the list to open that work item in the Work Area.

My Stuff

View a list of work items that have been created, updated, and opened by you.

Suspended Items

View a list of suspended work items.

Search Work Item

Opens the Search window in which you can enter criteria to search for specific work items.

Search Documents

Opens the Search Documents window.

The ‘Search Criteria’ allows you to enter criteria to search for documents that exist in the document repository or have been attached to work items.

The ‘Full Text Search’ allows you to search for text within an annotation or document, and retrieve the corresponding document attachment.

Open Windows

Click to display a list of the windows currently open in the Work Area. Click a window name to shift the focus to that window.

Click the icons in the View section of the list to display the windows in tile or cascade format.

  • displays windows in tile format.
  • displays windows in cascade format.


Shows or hides the sidebar. The sidebar displays by default and provides easy access to XTRAC Workbench features.

  • hides the sidebar.
  • shows the sidebar.

Opens the Preferences dialog to set preferences for the following:

  • Recent Items — Select what will be displayed when you hover the cursor over a work item name in the Recent Work Items list. The default displays the item type, first name, and last name.
  • Logging — Set up logging levels, start and stop logging, clear log files, and submit logs to XTRAC.
  • Communications — By default, XTRAC saves the filter options you selected in the Template List dialog. If you don't want XTRAC to save your filter options, clear the Save Template Filter Selection checkbox.
  • Memory Monitor — Monitor real time computer memory usage.
  • List Page Size — Specify the number of work items to display per page in the Work List window.
    • Minimum 1
    • Maximum 400
    • Default 50

Click to display a drop-down list with the following options:

  • Help — Opens the online documentation in a separate browser window.
  • About — Opens the About XTRAC Workbench dialog, which displays the current environment, the current version and build number, and copyright information. Click OK to close the dialog.

Note: Clicking in a window or dialog opens context-sensitive help for that window or dialog in a separate window.


Identify the operator currently logged in to the session.

This link displays the name of the currently logged in operator. Clicking the name activates a drop-down list with the following options:

  • Operator information — Opens the Operator Information dialog.
  • Session Info — This is an expandable and collapsible section of the drop-down list. When expanded, the list displays session information such as current organization and entitlement set. If you have the proper privileges, you can click the Change button to select another organization and entitlement set.
  • Change Password — If you have the proper privileges, you can select this option to change the password for the currently logged in operator.

Logs you out of XTRAC Workbench.

The View Drop-Down List

Click the View drop-down list ( ) to select the Work Area or Dashboard views.

Exiting XTRAC Workbench

IMPORTANT: Do not exit XTRAC Workbench by just closing the browser window. If you close the browser window to exit XTRAC Workbench, open work items may be placed in a locked state and unsaved changes will be discarded. Always exit XTRAC Workbench using the Logout icon.

To exit XTRAC Workbench in either the Work Area view or the Dashboard view, click the Logout icon (  ).

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