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Using the Dashboard

The XTRAC Workbench Dashboard displays a number of widgets that give you access to some common tasks such as creating work items and performing searches. Other widgets let you monitor information such as the top ten active queues, queue summary, and SLA status.

To access the dashboard, select Dashboard from the View drop-down list.

If you do not have privileges to view or work with some of the widgets, an error message displays in the widget window indicating that it has not been configured for your operator ID. Contact your XTRAC administrator if you need access to a particular widget.

Many of the widgets interact with windows or dialogs in the work area. For example, if you click a work item in the Recent Work Items widget, that work item opens in the work area.

Other widgets don't interact with the work area. For example, the World Clock widget lists the current local time of several cities and countries as information only.

Setting Dashboard Preferences

Use the Dashboard Preferences dialog to add widgets to or remove widgets from the dashboard.

There are a total of eight pre-configured widgets that can be added to or removed from the dashboard. Select or clear the check boxes to determine which widgets will be placed on the dashboard. Depending on the privileges your operator profiles has, you may not have access to all of the widgets.

Widgets include:

You can reposition widgets on the dashboard by clicking and dragging the title bar. XTRAC Workbench will remember which widgets you add or remove, and their positions on the dashboard the next time you log in.

To set the dashboard view preferences:
1.   From the View drop-down list, select Dashboard.
2.   When the Dashboard view is displayed, click the Dashboard Preferences button.
3.   In the Dashboard Preferences dialog, select or clear the checkbox next to the widgets you want displayed or hidden.

If you do not have privileges to work with certain widgets, those widgets will not be displayed in the Dashboard Preferences dialog.

4.   To save the selections, click Save.
5.   To close the dialog, click Close.

If you close the dialog without saving, your selections will not be saved.

You cannot remove all of the widgets from the Dashboard view. If you clear all of the checkboxes in the Dashboard Preferences dialog and save the changes, the default widgets will remain on the Dashboard and will be selected in the Dashboard Preferences dialog.

Removing a Widget from the Dashboard View

You do not need to use the Dashboard Preferences dialog to remove a widget from the Dashboard view. Simply click the Close button ( ) in the upper right corner of the widget. Closing the widget this way also clears the associated checkbox in the Dashboard Preferences dialog.

Repositioning Widgets in the Dashboard View

You can move widgets from one location to another on the Dashboard. Click the widget title bar and drag it to a new location. The other widgets on the Dashboard will automatically reposition themselves to accommodate the change.

Resizing a Widget

To resize a widget:

To have Workbench Open in the Work Area View

To have Workbench open in the Work Area view

When you log in to XTRAC Workbench, the Work Area view will open until you clear the checkbox.

Icons and Buttons

Icon or Button Description

Lets you select the Dashboard or Work Area view.

The button opens the Dashboard Preferences dialog which is used to select the widgets that are displayed in the Dashboard view.

Displays when the Dashboard view was lasted updated.

When checked, the Dashboard view is not displayed when XTRAC Workbench is started.


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